JL Audio MV1000/1
April 17, 2023
April 19, 2023

JL Audio MVi-HUB


JLid Comm & Network Bridge Hub for MV & MVi Amplifiers

MVi-HUB includes the following features:

  • JLid-COMM Connections: 1 Master Input / 5 Slave Outputs
  • JLid-CTRL Connections: 1 Accessory Port
  • Amp Identifier Status LEDs
  • Powered via JLid™ connection to MVi amplifiers

The MVi marine amplifier ecosystem is designed to be very flexible, offering users almost limitless combinations of amplifiers and channel architectures, along with the amazing power of integrated DSP technology.

The MVi-HUB greatly simplifies the configuration of a multi-amp system by allowing all amplifiers of an amplifier network to appear in a single TüN® software session. Networking synchronizes the DSP presets of all amplifiers and distributes commands from a single, optional Digital Remote Controller (M-DRC-50 or DRC-205, sold separately) across the entire amplifier network. DRC commands can include Master Volume, Subwoofer Level, Fader, Zone Level and Preset Selection (functionality varies by model).

The MVi-HUB includes JLid-COMM ports to connect up to six amplifiers (one “Master” MVi amplifier and up to five “Slave” MV or MVi amplifiers) using standard CAT5e cables, allowing users to quickly switch between amplifiers during the tuning process, without disconnecting and connecting multiple cables.

A dedicated JLid-CTRL accessory port is also included to connect an optional DRC or VXi-BTC Bluetooth® Communicator (each sold separately). The VXi-BTC accessory enables convenient wireless setup and tuning of the entire amplifier network using a compatible iOS® or Android® device with TüN® Mobile or TüN® Express apps.

For ease of connection, the MVi-HUB is powered via connected amplifiers and requires no separate power or turn-on wiring (Note: MVi-HUB operation requires at least one “Master” MVi amplifier connection.)