JL Audio M6-650X-S-GwGw
August 12, 2021
August 12, 2021

JL Audio VXi-BTC


Bluetooth Communicator for VXi Amplifiers

If you’re using or planning to use a JL Audio VXi amplifier in your system, you’ll probably want to get this VXi-BTC Bluetooth Communicator as well.
Once you connect the VXi-BTC to your amp’s JLid-COMM port, you’ll be able to make wireless DSP adjustments to your VXi amplifier via a compatible smartphone or tablet.
Product highlights:
  • Bluetooth communicator for JL Audio VXi car amplifiers
  • control data only — no streaming function
  • allows wireless control over DSP/amp functions through the TüN app on your tablet or smartphone
    • Android and iOS tablets use TüN Mobile full-feature DSP app
    • Android phones and Apple iPhones use TüN Express basic-feature DSP app
  • connects to the amp’s JLid-COMM port