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August 25, 2020
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July 9, 2021

K9 Mundial SSA-LA


5-Button Vehicle Security And Keyless Entry System Car Alarm System with Multi Tone Siren


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General Features:

  • Vehicle Security And Keyless Entry System
  • Multi-tone electronic siren with programmable loud or quiet confirmation chirps
  • Status LED, valet switch
  • Dual flashing parking light outputs
  • Plug-in port for optional auxiliary sensor
  • Negative door trigger input
  • Positive door trigger input
  • Negative hood/trunk trigger input
  • Positive or negative siren/horn output
  • Starter interrupt output for included relay and socket
  • Negative door lock and unlock outputs with harness included
  • Negative auxiliary channel output
  • Remote panic feature
  • AU-84TM dual zone shock sensor included
  • Patented ATV transmitter-tampering protection

Programmable Features:

  • Current sensing
  • 5 second or 3 minute current sensing delay
  • Last door arming
  • Doors lock with last door arming
  • Automatic rearming
  • Doors lock with automatic rearming
  • Steady output for siren or pulsed output for horn
  • Ignition “on” activated lock
  • Ignition “off” activated unlock
  • 30 or 60 second triggered alarm duration
  • Single or double pulse unlock output
  • Open door bypass alert
  • Auxiliary channel disarms alarm or remote car start mode
  • Transmitter-activated anti-carjacking
  • Door activated anti-carjacking
  • Ignition activated anti-carjacking
  • Confirmation chirps on or off
  • One button or two button arming / disarming