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September 11, 2021
Viper 7146V Replacement Remote
September 17, 2021

Viper 7145V 1-way Remote Control


Replacement 4-button remote control for select Viper security systems

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The Viper 7145V 1-way Remote Control replaces these items:


The 7145V Remote Control is a 4-button transmitter for use with select Viper Car Security Systems, including the 350Plus, R350, 3105V3305V, and 4105V. The transmitter has a range of up to 1500 feet.

Operations: The 7145V transmitter is equipped with 4-buttons, and features 1-way operation (transmitter-to-alarm). The buttons control the following features and functions of the security system:

  • Lock Button: Locks the doors and arms the vehicle
  • Unlock Button: Unlocks the doors and disarms the vehicle
  • AUX Button: Activates Silent Mode and Auxiliary Output functions
  • Red “Asterisk” Button: Panic functions
  • Combination: combining Lock and Unlock buttons together will control an Auxiliary Output

Batteries: The 7145V is powered by two CR2016 Lithium 3V cell batteries, which can be user-replaced when they become weak