Viper 7752V Responder LC3 Remote Control Out of Stock
September 17, 2021
Hornet 473T
September 21, 2021

Viper 7756V 2-Way LCD Remote Out of Stock

Replacement LCD remote control for select Viper security and remote start systems

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Overview: The 7756V Remote Control is a 5-button Responder LC3 transmitter for use with select Viper Car Security and Remote Start Systems. The 7756V has an internal antenna for transmitting and receiving information. It has a large LCD with Priority icons and a 6-character text display, providing you with command confirmations and the current status of your vehicle. The remote has a range of up to one mile.

Compatibility: The 7756V transmitter is compatible with the following Viper Car Security and Remote Start systems:

  • Model 3606V
  • Model 3706V
  • Model 4606V
  • Model 4706V
  • Model 5606V
  • Model 5706V

LCD Status Screen: The 1-3/8″ diagonal LCD screen provides the status of your vehicle with large Priority icons that appear in the center of the screen. Smaller, less critical icons appear around the edges of the screen. Rarely-used icons disappear from the screen to keep the display clean and uncluttered. If Active Temp Check is selected on a compatible remote start system, the Responder LC3 will display the actual temperature inside the vehicle in Fahrenheit or Celsius. The remote will remind you 3 minutes before the remote start run time runs out, using an audible tone, a vibration, and on the screen.

Operations: The 7756V transmitter is equipped with 5-buttons, and features 2-way operation (transmitter-to-alarm and alarm-to-transmitter). The buttons control the following basic features and functions of the Viper system:

  • Lock Button: Locks the doors and arms the vehicle. Activates the Panic mode if held for two seconds.
  • Unlock Button: Unlocks the doors and disarms the vehicle
  • Remote Start Button: Remotely starts the vehicle (if equipped with a remote start system).
  • AUX Button: Activates Auxiliary Output functions
  • Function: Used to access function levels for command, configuration menus for programming, and Car Selection

Rechargeable Battery: The 7756V is powered by a Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery. You can monitor the battery level by the segmented battery icon on the remote’s LCD. When the battery grows weak, the remote will begin generating alerts. Charging is performed via the micro USB port on the remote.