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August 25, 2020
August 25, 2020

VMAX CT2500 Out Of Stock

2500Wrms / 5000Wmax AGM Audio System Charge Tank


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Nominal Voltage 12V
20 Hr Capacity 125Ah
Burst Amps 2500A
Terminal Posts 8mm (included)
Dimensions 13″W x 6.8″D X 8.7″ H
Weight 75lb
Charging Current* 8A – 35A
Charging Voltage 14.4V-14.9V
Float Voltage 13.5V-13.8V

Recommended Charging Options:

  • AC Chargers: Any Quality Brand AGM- Smart & Microprocessor controlled- charger with the recommended specs above can be used.
  • Vehicle Alternator: 14V-15V.
  • RV Converter: 14V-15V.
  • Solar Panel: 175W-450W.
  • Wind Turbine: 175W-450W.
  • Charge Controller: 20A-UP.

* Warning: Do not use a charger with smaller amperage than the recommended Charging Current shown above.
Maintainers should ONLY be used to maintain a fully charged battery but NEVER as a charger.

Operating Temperature Range:

  • Discharge: -4~140F
  • Charge:     14~140F
  • Storage:     -4~140F

Temperature Compensation:

  • Cycle use:     -30mV/C
  • Standby use: -20mV/C