August 25, 2020
Quantum Audio QU6500.1D
August 25, 2020


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12Volts 350AH Deep Cycle, XTREME AGM Battery.


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Superior Plates with an expected life span of 10 to 12 years in float service applications.

 Nominal Voltage 20Hr Capacity CCA MCA RC (min)  Energy
 Terminal Posts  Dimensions Weight Charging Current* Charging Voltage Float Voltage
 12V 350AH 1700A 2100A 780 4.7 SAE+3/8″ STUD 20.8″w X 11.1″d x 9.0″h/9.8th** 185lb 20A-100A 14.4V-14.7V 13.5V-13.8V
25A @ 1.75/Cell  780Min
75A @ 1.75/Cell  225Min

Short Circuit Current: 5500A
Max Discharge Current: 2500A (5s)
Internal Resistance: 2.5mOhms

Recommended Charging Options:

  • AC Chargers: Any Quality Brand AGM- Smart & Microprocessor controlled- charger with the recommended specs above can be used.
  • Vehicle Alternator: 14V-15V.
  • RV Converter: 14V-15V.
  • Solar Panel: 500-1500W.
  • Wind Turbine: 500W-1500W.
  • Charge Controller: 50A-UP

* Warning: Do not use a charger with smaller amperage than the recommended Charging Current shown above.
Maintainers should ONLY be used to maintain a fully charged battery but NEVER as a charger.

**Total Height including terminal post.

Operating Temperature Range:

  • Discharge: -4~140F
  • Charge:     14~140F
  • Storage:     -4~140F

Temperature Compensation:

  • Cycle use:     -30mV/C
  • Standby use: -20mV/C